In nowadauys' competitive environment, making an ideal personality with characters and maintaining a good oveall images needs a logo, just as you see the HSBC or Park n' Shop or youtube logo, you think of HSBC, Park n'Shop amd youtube website. A place needs a representative logo, too, such as you see the Convention Centre, Bauhinia Centre, you think of Hong Kong, and Arc de triomphe de l'Étoile, you see it is the landmark of France, Therefore, it is important to think of a good logo, especially brands, such as LV,YSL, and logo design was born. When you see a good logo design, you think of the brand, which is an enterprise' unseen assets, not an individual object, not occupy any space, but the original aim is to let people remember the product or enterprise more easily, therefore, brands need an object to project on, which needs a series of obiects to show itself, formatice the brands. Brands directly project on words, graphs and notes, indirectly project on tbe products' quality, products' service, poularity, honour,the market shares. The brands cannot show themselves without an object to project on, and cannot achieve the brands' overall media effects. Good brands' performance on projection is more outstanding, like the caligtaphy of Coca-Cola, makes people think of the effects after drinking it, the red graph and its relative package indicates unique effects, for example, McDonald's dome M gives the visual effects that many people are there. Therefore, it is important to design a good logo that is colourful and memorable. Fashion brands, franchise restaurants, websites, makeups, public services and toys, and so on, all need a good logo design, and logo design gets more and more popular, too.

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